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Brer Dane Designs is now Pagliacci Designs. I changed the name to honor our first show dane, Petey - BISS CH Riverwood's Pagliacci.

Fun Stuff 2

Beanie Babies
This is me chilling with my big brother Rhett. Soon to be little big brother.

Rhet Big Smile
Pssst..I’m Rhett, Petey’s big brother. I’m a Great Dane mix. See how I sit and smile real pretty.

Petey Group 1 Match
Mommy and Daddy were so proud of me. I was just 6 mos. and won Best Working Group at my first match!!!

Petey the door man
It’s me Petey, again. This is what people see when they come to visit us. I’m the official door man.

Corkscrew tail
This is one of my favorite pastimes. Chewing sticks and twigs.

Bigger n me
Whoa and I thought I was big! I was making friends before the puppy working group competition. (I made Puppy Group Two!)

Great squirrel hunter
The great squirrel hunt! There’s this one pesky squirrel that insists on using my trees.