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Brer Dane Designs is now Pagliacci Designs. I changed the name to honor our first show dane, Petey - BISS CH Riverwood's Pagliacci.

Fun Stuff

Welcome to our fun page. It will contain things like mpg movies, silly pictures, etc. Stay tuned for updates...

Petey Growing

Weee, watch me grow!
Mommy swears this is
how fast I grew.

Petey snuggles with RobbyHead Warmer
Yes, I double as a face and head warmer. This was my first
morning in my new home. Just call me snuggles, a puppy’s job is
never done!

My Blankie
This is me and My Blankie
taking a nap. Mommy says I’m
such a little angel when I’m

TP Job by Petey
Caught in the act! Yup, that’s
me doing one of my famous
decorating jobs.

Petey Stairs
Hmmm, there’s a step and I can
reach it. I’m so cute when I’m
being silly!

Pagliacci Face
This is the face that got me
my name. Daddy looked at me
and said you know he looks
like that clown in the Italian
clown opera. So I was named
Riverwood’s Pagliacci.